The island of valleys and ravines where a variety of microclimates can be found. Among its nature protected  areas, one stands out,  Garajonay National Park , one of the best preserved laurel  forests on the planet located in the central part of La Gomera.

In its fertile ravines we find a formidable landscape thanks to the work of local  farmers who have built terraces to cultivate. A coast with breathtaking cliffs and beautiful palm forests inside of ravines which extends from central part towards the coast with  huge volcanic rocks known  as « roques » on the heights. A population with many customs that provide a rich ethnography to discover.

In our program in La Gomera, we visit the most impressive nature areas, accompanied by our naturalist guide, one also get into local population when hear  the ancient  language of whistling  and, of course, taste its particular gastronomy.

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Our service includes:

  • Guide
  • Land transport
  • Sea transport
  • Picnic

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