Los Gracioseros Route: Playa del Risco – La Graciosa


Apart from its spectacular landscape, this route has historical connotations as the one previously used by the inhabitants of La Graciosa in order to reach Lanzarote. Just as they did in the past, you will climb down the impressive Famara cliff to the spectacular El Risco beach located at its feet, where a boat will [...]

Tour 2. La Corona Volcano – Famara Cliffs


This beautiful hike is carried out in the northern part of Lanzarote where one can walk through two nature protected areas; The Nature Monument Volcan de la Corona and Famara Cliffs within the Archipielago Chinijo Nature Park. This route starts in Ye. From this town our trek ascends towards the crater of La Corona volcano. [...]

Tour 1. Walking on the moonscape of Lanzarote (Los Volcanes Nature Park)


Los Volcanes Nature Park together with Timanfaya National Park are the protected areas which represent the recient and historical volcanism of Lanzarote because they are covered by the eruptions that took place in 1730-36 and 1824. We carry out a very informative route in which our visitors will be able to discover the amazing world [...]

El Cuervo Volcano – La Geria


This route takes you through the volcanic landscape of the 1730-36 eruption on a visit to the El Cuervo volcano and its impressive crater, where you can see the wonderful landscape of recent volcanic activity. The route then heads to the area covered by volcanic sands where farmers of Lanzarote have planted vines, La Geria. [...]

Panoramic Lanzarote (Protected Landscape of la Geria and Los Volcanes Nature Park)


This route is based in a combination of some short walks which ascend to several volcanoes with driving in our vehicles.
 Firstly we drive to the foot of Guardilama mountain which is an ancient volcano from where the first ascending starts. From its summit and weather permitting one can have an impresive view of the [...]

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